Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make A Futon Bed Into A Couch

Make a Futon Bed Into a Couch

Simple Japanese sleeping mattresses called futons have progressed over the years and can now be stylish and versatile sofa beds. They are perfect for little areas where a regular bed or a conventional sofa bed won't fit. You can use them as a couch, or they can be folded out to provide a bed. Futons now come in 34 x 75 inches, making full-size beds. Folding them back up into a couch is simple once you've practiced a few times. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Identify the front of the futon bed. It will likely be the bed end pointing out into the room; the end pointing toward the wall is likely the back deck. Note that the sleeping area isn't necessarily in a classic position--the head at the wall and the toes pointing out toward the room. The sleeping position may well be parallel to the wall.

2. Grasp the front of the seat deck. That's the part of the seat deck furthest from the wall.

3. Lift the seat deck until it's a little over 45 degrees to the back deck. The back deck should remain horizontal. Push the seat deck a further 5 or 10 degrees toward the back deck. The back deck and seat deck will latch.

4. Drop the seat deck back down to the horizontal position. Because the back deck has become fixed to the seat deck at an angle, the back deck will rise into a sofa back position as you drop the seat deck.

5. Push the couch back against the wall.

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