Wednesday, January 29, 2014

50th Anniversary Ideas For Businesses

Invite your customers to a block party sponsored by your company.

As your company approaches its 50th anniversary, you'll want to come up with professional but upbeat ways to celebrate with the customers who have been loyal to you for so long. A themed event or presenting your consumers with promotional items will make the anniversary milestone memorable, and could even result in new patrons for your business.

Marketing the Anniversary

The month before your anniversary, send emails to your customers, or announce the 50th anniversary in the company newsletter. Explain that your business is celebrating this event by presenting customers with special limited-time discounts and promotions that are appropriate for this anniversary, such as offering 50 percent off a regular service or selling a product or clothing item for $50 that is normally significantly more expensive. Decorate the business with balloons and posters that announce your 50th anniversary a few weeks before the savings begin, and send reminder emails to customers in your database in the weeks and days before the promotional events.

'50s-Themed Party

Host a '50s-themed celebration at a local banquet hall or host a block party with decorations and foods from the decade to commemorate your business's 50th anniversary. Invite your loyal customers to attend the event and bring a guest. Get other local businesses involved by asking the neighborhood burger restaurant to prepare the cheeseburgers on the grill for the block party. Rent a jukebox for the celebration to play tunes from 1950s artists such as Chuck Berry or Fats Domino. Ask guests to come dressed in accessories and clothing that is indicative of the decade, such as cat-eye glasses or leather jackets. Hire a professional photography company to attend the celebration and take pictures you can post on the walls of your business or on the company website.

Golden Gala

Because the 50th anniversary is also known as the "golden" anniversary, host a golden gala for your employees to present them awards for their accomplishments, and invite your long-time customers to the event. Ask everyone to wear something golden to the formal celebration. Decorate the banquet hall with golden tablecloths, flower arrangements and balloons. Play music that spans five decades for guests to dance to. Book a local catering company to provide gold-themed fare for the gala, like champagne decorated with white grapes, butter-roasted chicken with golden raisin sauce or fettuccine Alfredo accented with edible gold.

50 Days of Giveaways

In honor of your 50th business anniversary, host a "50 Days of Giveaways" for your customers by offering a coupon, free item or significant discount for the 50 days leading up to your anniversary. For instance, if you sell office supplies, offer consumers a golden-colored mini stapler or pen set each time they spend $50 or more at your store. Or, partner with a local business to give your customers a free food sample when they shop in your store during the giveaway promotion. For instance, ask the nearby bakery to give each customer a free jumbo cookie after purchasing items at your store, or offer coupons for cakes or cupcakes that you can drop in each consumer's bag when they purchase items at your store.

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