Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exterior Window Treatment Options

Many people think of window treatments strictly as an interior design element. Try dressing the outside of your windows as well. Exterior window treatments add value, curb appeal and security to any home---from a quaint bungalow to a formal estate. Go one step beyond paint and landscaping by incorporating one of these decorative and practical exterior window treatment options.

Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades provide a solution for problems associated with the harsh effects of the sun. Solar shade fabric consists of a tightly woven vinyl-coated polyester yarn that preserves the view to the outside and withstands years of exposure to the elements. This exterior window treatment option will benefit homes in any region where heat and sun are an issue. Exterior solar shades reduce interior temperatures, glare and fabric fade. Motorized solar shades operate from a remote transmitter or wireless wall switch and come in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with any paint or exterior finish.

Bermuda Shutters

Exterior shutters perform several practical purposes, such as protecting a room from sunlight, rain and wind. One decorative and functional type of exterior window treatment option is the Bermuda or Bahama shutter. These shutters add a touch of the tropics to any architectural style. The Bermuda style covers a single window with one shutter panel. The wooden louvered shutter operates with a hinge at the top. An arm or arms serve to support the bottom of the shutter, propping it into an open position.


Awnings refer to a canopy or overhang affixed to the exterior wall of a building. Awnings are a conventional exterior window treatment option used to shade windows and protect entrances of exterior doors from the weather. Metal and canvas awnings can be seen adorning private residences and retail buildings. The retractable canvas patio cover is a popular, contemporary version of the traditional window canvas awning. Instead of covering a single window or door, these awnings span and protect the entire width of an outdoor entertaining space.

Metal Roll-Down Shutters

Metal roll-down shutters offer protection from light, sound, intruders and the weather. Shutters or shades of this variety are commonly found on many European apartments and homes. Metal shutters are not as aesthetically pleasing as other types of exterior window treatment options, although new colors and designs make them an increasingly attractive choice for homeowners. Metal roll-down shutters, typically equipped with manual cranks, can be fitted with an electric motor for ease of operation. Most metal shutters are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum or lightweight steel.

Iron Window Accents

Decorative iron accents lend Old World appeal to windows of any shape and size. These exterior window treatment options are available in a variety of materials, from wrought iron to aluminum or extruded high-density foam. Choose simple or elaborate designs to suit the architecture of your house. Manufacturers offer a number of standard styles and finishes, plus custom creations. Authentic iron window accents serve a dual purpose---they enhance the beauty and security of exterior windows.

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