Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make An Electric Wall Clock

Quilt block clock

Wall clocks can come in many different designs such as western style, plain, pendulum style, kitchen gadget or collectible. Adding to the wall clocks in the home with a personal touch is an easy project to do. By using quilt block material and an electric clock kit from a craft or department store, many designs will be available to choose from.


1. Measure the plywood to the same size as the shadow box picture frame that will be used. Cut the plywood with the circular saw.

2. Place the quilt block on top of the plywood and move it around until the desired look will be on the plywood. Cut the quilt block with scissors a half-inch larger than the plywood on each side. This extra will be folded to the back of the plywood.

3. Spread the wood glue all over the top surface of the plywood and lay the quilt top material on top of the glue, spreading smooth to the edges. Fold the edges over and glue the edges to the back of the plywood. Tape can be used to hold in place until the glue is dry, approximately one hour.

4. Drill a hole in the center of the quilt top block and attach the electric clock mechanism according to package directions.

5. Remove the backing to the shadow box and place the quilt top block clock face into the shadow box. The clock face can either be close to the glass, in the middle or close to the back of the shadow box. Use wood glue to hold in place by placing glue on the edges of the plywood and all along the corners in the back after it has been positioned to the desired spot.

6. Make a small notch in the bottom of the shadow box in the back to accommodate the electrical cord. This can be done with a Dremel tool.

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