Friday, January 14, 2011

Ambiance Lighting To Your Backyard

Having a backyard is fun. It allows for parties, big and small. It allows for you and your children to play in the backyard, in the privacy of your own home. When night falls and you want to be outdoors in the summertime, consider adding lighting to improve your space. Does this Spark an idea?


Adding Ambience to Your Backyard

1. Purchase string lighting and faux ivy: There are many places to purchase string lighting these days. There are fancy string lights such as globe lights, mini while lights (like for Christmas), rope lights, faceted lantern bulb lighting, mesh bulb lighting and so much more. Today, the choices for outdoor string lighting is endless. They can be found and purchased at any retailer, dollar stores or specialty shops that sell high end products for your home and garden. When you purchase string outdoor lighting, make sure the package reads, "Good for Indoor/outdoor lighting." This way, there will be no chance of electrocution.Faux ivy strung through a wrought iron fence can be a nice added touch. Faux ivy can be purchased at a mass retailer or dollar store. With faux ivy, string it through the wrought iron fence, then weave the string lights through the faux ivy. It is easy to do and looks great.

2. Add string lighting around backyard fences: If you love string lighting, why not add a string or two in your backyard. During the day, of course, the string lights will not be plugged in, but at night, that is when your backyard will come alive. Having backyard lighting is fun for parties or everyday use. For some reason, having string lighting in your backyard lends a type of romance to the everyday. If your home is surrounded by a wooden fence, placing string lighting on your wooden fence will really brighten up your backyard, but, you will need some wall outlets nearby in order to add string lighting. Even having a little bit of wrought iron fence in your backyard will be a great place to add a string or two of lights.

3. Add string lights to patio awning. Having a patio and awning is a great addition to your backyard because it gives you shade. When you want to add a string or two of lights to your awning, you will need to purchase some sticky hooks. These sticky hooks can be purchased at any hardware store or retailer. All you do is remove the paper on back of each sticky hook, decide where each sticky hook should be placed and with ladder, position each sticky hook on your awning. Once sticky hooks are in place, allow twelve hours for the hooks to secure to awning. If your awning is wooden, not metal, you can use nails.

4. Candles for ambiance. Along with string lighting are, of course, candles. When you think of setting the mood, even in your backyard, candles can not be left out. With all the wonderful scents like ocean, eucalypus, sandalwood and pineapple, added to candles these days, adding a candle or two, placed in a beautiful candle holder, will create even more ambiance to your backyard getaway.

5. Being able to create some ambiance in your backyard is fun and easy. There is so much more you can do, but starting out with string lighting and or candles is easy and can be done in a day. Have fun and create the backyard you want.

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