Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuscan Style Ideas

Tuscan style involves bringing the natural world indoors.

People love to visit Tuscany, Italy for its rolling green hills, wine vineyards and fine art. If you want to decorate your home with Tuscan style ideas, decorating involves bringing a natural rustic feel to your home. Earth colors of gold, brown, deep green and red are commonly used, and the furnishings and accessories are not just for looks, they are also functional. Does this Spark an idea?

Walls, Floors and Lighting

Mosaic tiles are a common addition in Tuscan homes.

Walls and floors are simple and rustic, leaning heavily on earth tone colors. Use terracotta, wood or mosaic tile for your floors. Rough plaster your walls in a light brown shade. Choose lighting fixtures made of wood or wrought iron with tinted bulbs that give your rooms the feel of a sunset. Leave your windows bare where appropriate, or hang sheer curtains that allow filtered lighting of the rooms.

Furniture and Accessories

Fill your home with ceramic planters to bring nature indoors.

Tuscan furniture is a combination of farmhouse and old world styles. Items don't necessarily need to match. Fill your rooms with ceramic planters containing lush vines. Display photographs in shadow box frames and place large, sturdy candles in every room.


Choose a wrought iron wine rack to use in your kitchen.

Tuscan kitchens are considered the heart of the home environment and have a farmhouse feel. Openly display colorful spices and copper pots instead of storing in cabinets. Fill a wrought iron wine rack with Tuscan wine. Use an old distressed wood dining table, and set the table with Tuscan style dinnerware featuring a painted countryside or grapevines.

Bed and Bath

Choose dark, sturdy furnishings for your bedroom.

Tuscan bedrooms incorporate the same rustic theme found in other parts of the home but with a bit of luxury. Fill a bedroom with dark wood armoires and vanity. Use natural colors for bedding fabrics and drapes. Hang artwork depicting wine vineyards and sweeping landscapes in an array of frame shapes. The bathrooms should complement the bedrooms, including a piece of artwork such as an indoor water fountain sculpture that serves as the focal point for the room. Fill baskets with Italian soaps and bottles of natural bath oils to use and display.

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