Thursday, January 27, 2011

Projects For A Bed & Headboard

Many homeowners have left their bed in its orginal condition--metal frame and no headboard.

Whatever your bedroom style, it is your retreat--the place you go to get away from everything. But if you’re like a lot of homeowners, your bedroom is the one room that you haven’t gotten around to fully decorating. It’s furnished adequately but you have a nice set of mattresses on a metal frame. There are project ideas for creating a unique headboard and other design elements that will complete the look of your retreat. Does this Spark an idea?

Architectural Design

A garden gate is a whimsical and unexpected design element when used in place of a traditional headboard.

Use an architectural element in place of a traditional headboard. Line three doors vertically up on the wall at the head of your bed. Paint or stain to match to give the look of a united piece. Or use a room screen attached to the wall for stability. Gates and fences, especially wrought iron, lend a unique look to your bed. Attach a salvaged fireplace mantel and use the top shelf to add design elements. A complete shelf unit or just a plain piece of sanded, sealed and stained plywood create a look that is unexpected.


Hang assorted hankies on the wall at the head of your bed.

Everyone is familiar with slip-covered, velvet-tufted and hanging curtain headboards. How about a series of antique hankies mounted on square artist's canvases hung on the wall above your bed in a geometric design? Or cover a room screen with lace or gathered silk and attach it between the head of your bed and the wall. Upholster the wall at the head of your bed for added visual interest. Hang a large, square, solid-color canvas to mimic a traditional headboard. Hang a duck cloth rectangle from the ceiling with rope at each corner to simulate the look of a canopy.

Paintable Ideas

Stencil a pattern over your bed to simulate a headboard.

Stencil an intricate iron headboard on the wall at the head of your bed. Paint a cut-out wooden headboard in any design that coordinates with your room’s d cor, such as whimsical flowers, a light blue board with hand-painted or stenciled birds in flight. Or frame an area for your headboard and fill in with stenciled lace, or other faux finish.


Stand large branches against the corner above your headboard to give a rustic look to your bed.

Turn your bed diagonally centered in one corner of your bedroom. Even if you have a traditional headboard, you can fill in the empty triangle between the headboard and corner with a ladder of hanging blankets or large branches gathered and leaning against the wall. Or place the head of your bed at a window and let the window treatments stand in to frame the head of your bed.

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