Friday, January 14, 2011

Extend A Full Size Iron Bed Into A Queen Size Bed

Don't discard a bed that's too small -- convert it instead.

Replacing a bed is an expensive undertaking, especially when the bed in question is an iron bed. When upgrading from a full-sized bed to a queen-sized bed, you can convert the bed to hold a larger bedframe instead of replacing the bedframe entirely. Queen beds measure 6 inches wider than a traditional full bed, making the conversion feasible and saving you money in the end. In addition, converters allow you to return the queen bed to a full with little effort if needed in the future. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Loosen and remove the bolts from the existing metal bedframe using a wrench. Take the bolts out of both sides of the headboard. Place the nuts and bolts aside so you do not lose them.

2. Attach a modi plate bracket to the left side of the headboard using the hardware that comes with the kit. Position the bracket over the existing holes on the front of the headboard, and insert a bolt through the holes. Tighten the bolt and add a nut, if included, in the modi plate bracket kit. Repeat the process with a second bracket on the right side of the headboard.

3. Hold the headboard upright. Slide the headboard against the attachment brackets on a metal queen-sized bedframe. Line up the holes in the modi plate bracket with those in the end of the bedframe. Insert one of the original bolts through the hole. Pass the bolt from the back of the bedframe through to the front. Twist a nut onto the bolt, and secure it with a wrench. Repeat the process with the remaining bolts and nuts.

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