Friday, August 12, 2011

Hanging Ideas For Heavy Topsy Turvey Planters

Topsy Turvy planters and similar pots grow plants upside down. Usually used for vegetables such as tomatoes, these planters have a hole in the bottom or sides where the plant comes from. Once filled with soil, the planter is heavy and requires sufficient support or the planter can fall to the ground and damage or kill the plant. Does this Spark an idea?

Plant Hooks

Plant hooks screw into any suitable surface, allowing you to hang the Topsy Turvy nearly anywhere. Two main types of hooks are available at most hardware stores. The traditional cast iron or steel hooks are strong but more suitable for hanging the planters indoors as a hard wind can blow the planter off the hook. Locking hooks are equipped with a metal piece that snaps the hook closed once the planter is in place to prevent the planter's hanger from slipping of the hook. When using hooks, screw them into wooden crossbeams or wall studs so they don't pull out of the wall when supporting the weight of the plant and soil.

Tomato Tree

Topsy Turvy sells its own tomato tree specifically made for their planters. It consists of a tall stand with a wide base so it doesn't easily blow over. The planter slides over the top of the stand, and the plants are grown upside down in holes around the side of the planter. Other manufactured tomato trees, sometimes called the more general plant tree, are available. These may have hoops for setting the planter in or hanging it from and may support only one Topsy Turvy planter or multiple planters.

Shepherd's Hook

Shepherd's hooks usually provide a place to hang small baskets of flowers or lanterns in the landscape, but they also work well with upside-down planters. Use hooks made of steel or wrought iron because plastic varieties cannot support the weight of the planter. Avoid the short hooks, and use only versions that are at least 5-feet tall; otherwise the plant will touch the ground before it reaches maturity. Shepherd's hooks may require additional staking so they don't lean over under the weight of the plant.

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