Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ideas For Making Hanging Fake Flower Baskets

When you can't grow real flowers, you can still have the luxury of attractive faux ones. The designs of faux flowers have improved tremendously over the last decade or so, producing flowers that actually look real. There are also flowers available made of unusual materials that act more as pieces of art, rather than an attempt to mimic "real" flowers. Choose the style and type of flowers that appeal to you and suit your decor. You can spice up the display with a touch of perfumed oil, such as rose or a floral. Does this Spark an idea?


Artificial flowers come in a variety of media, such as carved wood, leather, paper, silk, plastic, glass or crystal, and your choice of flower will influence the design of the basket. Some flowers, such as those made of wood, glass or crystal, do not bend, while others, such as silk, plastic, leather and paper, are more flexible, giving you more arrangement options. Use the non-flexible flowers in low hanging baskets by windows where the light can enhance them. The flexible flowers belong in a higher hanging arrangement that allows them to drape down the sides of the basket.


Greenery acts as a backdrop to pop the flower colors and also gives them a more "real" appearance. Mix in artificial ivy or spider plants for a bright green color in your design. An asparagus fern adds a delicate look, while eucalyptus will give texture to the arrangement. The greenery should fill in the holes and gaps between the flowers but never overwhelm them.


Baskets should match your d cor style. A primitive basket may be suitable for a country d cor but if your design scheme is sleek modern, choose a wrought-iron basket with an interesting design and add an arrangement of glass, crystal or leather flowers. A soft, romantic basket could consist of a white wicker basket filled with silk roses spilling over the sides. A basket with an ocean motif may be a soft blue or tan, with faux silk flowers reminiscent of a tropical island, such as orchids and plumeria.


Determine where to place the basket for maximum impact. If placed too high for people to see, the basket and your work may go unnoticed. But if you place the basket closer to eye level in a corner of the room, the flowers can brighten up a dark area and become a focal point for the room. A basket may also hang off a wall at eye level or slightly above if you have flexible flowers that drape over the sides. Another option is to place a basket with ivy by the window and wrap the tendrils around the curtain rod and down the curtain.

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