Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ideas On Arrange Flowers

Some flowers are seasonally available in your own backyard.

When you set out to arrange flowers into an arrangement for display in the home, the sky is the limit in terms of color and style. You can start with practical considerations, such as what type of container or vase you will use for the arrangement and what kinds of flowers are seasonally available. Does this Spark an idea?

Flowers on a Wrought-Iron Stand

Choose a silk arrangement to display in your foyer. Remember you can choose any container, not just vases or pots. You just need a wrought-iron stand with a container for hiding the flower stems. A simple arrangement might only have two colors, such as white lilies and yellow roses. Greenery and twigs or pine cones can provide the rest of the color and texture.

Pedestal Stand

Create a sense of permanency in a seldom-used part of the home with a silk or natural arrangement atop a marble pedestal. This might be the right visual element to add in front of something that will always be in this area, such as a stone statue or fountain or a wall recess that features a family heirloom or collector's item. On a pedestal, create a flowing effect with bright colors of orange, yellow, red and purple carnations, long-stemmed gladioli and a trail of yellow and green leafed ivy. Trailing ivy is a visual contrast with the height of the pedestal.

Chinese Yin Yang Arrangement

An arrangement can reflect different principles of composition. In Chinese arrangements, the principle of line is important. Select two twigs from a woody, flowering plant. To display them in direct contrast, or yin and yang, cut them in different lengths and place one in the foreground and one in the background. Also, one twig might open in a different direction than the other.

Japanese Simple Arrangement

Just like a Chinese arrangement, a Japanese arrangement can be very simple. Try to make a simple arrangement with a single kind of flower. The yellow Christmas bell (or sandersonia) was used by florist Atsuko Ono. All you need is a stainless steel funnel and a glass plate. Turn the funnel upside down and insert a single stem of the sandersonia. The funnel rests on top of the glass plate, and the yellow contrasts with the bright green leaves of the sandersonia.

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