Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ideas For Pool Landscaping

Backyard pool with built in planter

Landscaping allows the homeowner to tie their hardscape deck and pool features with the rest of their property. Tying things together with plants, fencing and patios allow the blending of different landscaping elements into a coherent design that is functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Patios, fencing, plants, furniture and accent pieces help give warmth and life to this outdoor living space. Choosing a landscape that complements your pool design creates a backyard oasis that you can enjoy for many years. Does this Spark an idea?


Most pool owners prefer to install patios around their pool for aesthetic and practical reasons. Patio or pool deck areas allow for excess water drainage and keep grass and mulches out of the pool. Pool decks naturally blend well with pool coping and tiles. Pool surfacing comes in such a wide variety of styles that it's sometimes difficult for the homeowner to choose. It's best to consider a surface that is as slip-free as possible. Textures, bricks, pavers and colored concrete offer viable options for the homeowner to match with the pool tile or exterior color scheme of your home. A pebbled surface produces an attractive, durable surface that doesn't attract too much heat and prevent slipping.


Putting up a fence around the pool area is a must for every pool owner for safety reasons. Most areas require at least 4-foot high fencing around the pool including gates. Because fencing will be part of your plan, choose a fence that suite your purposes. If you just want to fence in the pool for safety, consider a lower 4-foot wider slat fence or wrought iron fencing. This covers your bases for safety and allows you to view the rest of your yard.

Blending your pool with the remainder of your backyard requires choosing fencing that covers the entire perimeter of your yard. Lower fences are certainly appropriate but many homeowners choose 6-foot stockade fencing for privacy. Your options include capped pillars, lattice tops and curved fence sections to name just a few. Visit a local fencing company to view their products for more style ideas and designs.


More than any other landscape feature, plants reflect the owner's personality. You have so many choices with your pool landscape that again, it's sometimes hard to choose. Basing your softscape choices on maintenance might help with your decision. Choose plants such as ornamental grasses, perennials and evergreen shrubs for low maintenance foliage in your backyard. Tie the gardens with the pool decking by creating rock gardens using the same color stone used for the pool deck. Pine bark nugget mulch works well in gardens bordering a pool area as do river rocks and pebbles. Creating a worry-free landscape with hardy plants allows more time for you to bask in the sun on your new patio or float on a raft in your pool.

Furniture and Containers

Landscaping also includes the furniture chosen to decorate your patio area. Patio furniture comes in every color of the rainbow so personal preference comes into play. Choose warm browns, tans and hunter green for a more sedate look to your pool area. Vibrant colors create a snap of electricity in your pool area. Blend colors to complement the exterior color palette of your home. Add coordinated container gardens with flowering annuals to provide a finishing touch to your patio tables. Tuck some containers along the edges of the pool deck or right up next to the pool edge for a tropical effect.

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