Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Best Color Wood To Put With A Black Metal Bed

Black metal beds work with a variety of wood flooring and furniture styles.

The beauty of a black metal or wrought-iron bed is its versatility. Whether the bed's design is modern, Gothic or rustic, it can work with a wide variety of room styles. Select the right wood tones for the furniture and flooring to highlight the look of your metal bed or allow it to blend into the room's d cor. The earth tones of wood pair easily with the neutral shade of black, giving you the full spectrum of floor and furniture options to decorate your bedroom. Does this Spark an idea?

Light Wood Colors

Pale blond woods such as birch contrast dramatically with your black metal bed, making it a focal point in the room. This color combination works well for modern designs. Add modular birch furniture and white bedding to a simple black metal bed for a simple, spa-like feel. Consider a wrought-iron headboard with an ornate leaf design and create a sophisticated contemporary bedroom with black-and-white print bedding, black lacquer furniture and light wood flooring.

Medium Wood Tones

Use the warm brown and red tones of oak and light cherry woods to incorporate your metal bed into traditional and country-style rooms. Use distressed oak, knotty woods or cedar on both the walls and floor and add a homemade quilt to an old-fashioned black metal bed. Or create a Tuscan bedroom with a metal canopy bed, heavy burl wood furniture, plaster walls and rustic wood ceiling beams. Choose oak and cherry combinations for the dressers and night stands, then add a smooth cherry floor for a more contemporary feel.

Dark Woods

Use dark cherry mahogany and walnut woods to accent an ornate, Gothic-style bed. Keep the floor and bedding dark. Draw the focus to the furniture by choosing individual pieces of various sizes in slightly lighter shades of wood, rather than a matched set. Blend the elegance of the bed into the room with rich fabrics and dark, intricately carved furniture with lighter wood inlays. Create a warm and comfortable space with a heavy, iron four-poster bed by adding traditional, deep cherry furniture and flooring. Contrast the black metal and darker wood with a cream area rug and patterned bedding. For a more modern spin, try a deep walnut floor, black painted furniture and burgundy fabrics.

Eclectic Room Style

A simple rounded black metal headboard would provide an unobtrusive addition to an eclectic room. Choose a dual-color wood floor in dark walnut and brown oak and add antique furniture in various wood shades and design styles. Add a few white-washed pieces, white or pastel bedding and rustic wooden chairs for a French country feel. Create a more whimsical space with pale birch floors and painted wood furniture in primary colors.

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