Friday, July 23, 2010

Cut A Metal Baluster

Cut smooth balusters to fit into your handrail.

Balusters are the upright pieces securing a handrail to the steps below. Metal balusters come in an array of designs ranging from ornate to plain. Generally, wrought iron and aluminum are the most common metals for balusters. Metal provides a durable support for the handrail. Damage can occur to the baluster necessitating replacement to keep the stairway safe. Some balusters are too long for the project and require to cutting making them fit smoothly in place. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Use a tape measure to measure the exact size from the stair tread to the handrail. Measure the thickness of the handrail, divide by two and add the number to the original measurement.

2. Mark a line on the baluster for cutting.

3. Secure the baluster to a workbench with C clamps or tighten a vise around the baluster to hold it in place.

4. Use a right angle grinder or equip a circular saw, band saw or jig saw with a metal cutting blade. You can also use a self-powered hacksaw with a metal cutting blade. Choose a blade with less than 14-teeth per inch for smoother cuts. Manufacturers specify the material the blade it capable of cutting through on the package.

5. Place the grinder or saw on the guideline and cut through the metal baluster.

6. File the edge of the baluster with a single-cut mill metalworking file to remove rough metal and burrs.

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