Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old World Style Decorating Tips

Old World design often showcases dark, chunky furniture and chandeliers.

Old World decor is a popular style of decorating, showcasing rich colors, dark woods and chic antiques. The style is comfortable but uncluttered, allowing people to enjoy a sophisticated home with plenty of personal touches. It also is a versatile style that allows people to incorporate their favorite colors and pieces without compromising the Old World feel. Does this Spark an idea?


Old World architecture uses natural materials, such as stone.

As Home and Garden Television states, Old World style begins in the architecture of a room. It showcases natural materials, such as stone and wood. A stone fireplace or dark wooden cabinets fit the style much more than modern stainless steel. Designer Connie Schey from Insignia Design Group gives a kitchen an Old World feel by using stone tiles of varying sizes. Everything should transport people back in time.

Paint Colors

Paint colors set the tone of a room, and an Old World theme tends to feature rich, earthy colors, such as creams, tans, browns, sage greens, burnt oranges and rustic reds. In a feature on an Old World kitchen designed by Ann Morris, HGTV recommends colors that reflect those found in nature and wine, such as burgundies, ambers and blues. Old World themes tend toward darker colors, but for people who want to keep things light, time-worn white paint works well. Decorators also can paint one focal wall a deep shade, such as the burnt orange used in an HGTV Old World dining room.

Light Fixtures

Dark-colored chandeliers work well in an Old World room.

Antique light fixtures are important additions to an Old World room. Nothing ruins the antiquated look more than a modern buzzing ceiling light. Sconces---especially dark, old-fashioned ones---work well. Tabletop lamps with period shades also give off an antique vibe. HGTV recommends chandeliers for dramatic overhead lighting. Decorators who only have modern brass chandeliers can use spray paint to darken them.

Rustic Furniture

Old World furniture has a rustic, aged look, but not all pieces need to be decades old. Decorators can incorporate modern appliances by painting them dark colors or giving them a distressed look. HGTV recommends distressing wood furniture to give it a time-worn appearance. In a bathroom makeover, HGTV covers a modern bathtub in tiles to match the Old World theme of the rest of the bathroom. Decorators shouldn't be afraid to take a hammer or screwdriver to a piece and rough it up before staining it, according to "Carter Can" on HGTV.

Key Pieces

Sconces and lanterns give an Old World room a historical feel.

An Old World theme is perfect for showing off antiques. Even oddly matched pieces can work together in an Old World room and make things feel more comfy, such as the Asian and rustic pieces mixed in an HGTV dining room. Many designers use oversized pieces in Old World rooms. For instance, in an Old World bathroom, HGTV states, "The grandness of the space encourages luxurious touches such as hanging oversize mirrors." Wrought iron lamps, lanterns, historical maps, old-fashioned candlesticks or richly colored rugs also liven up an Old World room.

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