Monday, April 2, 2012

Decorate A Bathroom In Southwestern Style

Southwestern style brings the feel of the American pueblo, high desert, and blue skies indoors. You can easily bring this style to your bathroom, transforming it into a Southwest-style getaway. Many options exist for this, and you do not have to have a large budget. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Hang a shower curtain that is either imprinted with a Southwest design or is a solid color of turquoise, sand, or other colors typical of the Southwest.

2. Use small pottery vessels for your toothbrushes and other hygiene items in place of standard holders. Pottery may be a solid earth tone color, or painted with a Southwest design. Choose geometric Southwest designs, geckos, or Kokopelli, for example. Kokopelli is a Hopi image, a figure playing a flute and dancing.

3. Place a washable throw rug on the floor. The throw rug may be a solid earth tone or a traditional Southwest design.

4. To add traditional Southwest plant life to the bathroom, place a small cactus on a plant stand in a corner. Most types of potted cacti will do fine in this environment.

5. Hang metallic wall art (a bathroom is typically too humid to safely hang fine paintings). In many Southwest decoration boutiques, you'll find metallic art depicting cacti, Kokopelli, geckos, or other Southwest-themed art.

6. Purchase Southwest-style towels and washcloths to completely the look. Hanging neatly from a towel rack, these add to the Southwest flair of the room.

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