Thursday, April 5, 2012

Southwest Decor Ideas

Southwest decor is defined by its bold and earthy colors and its use of wrought iron, rough ceiling beams and stone flooring. Accessories will define and pull together decor. Be selective in your accessories and aim for a sophisticated and uncluttered, warm and inviting Southwest look. Does this Spark an idea?


Southwest decor uses a range of color, from beautiful blues and turquoise to hot reds, bright yellows and oranges. All of these colors are derivatives of the land that makes up the Southwest. The reds and terra-cotta represent the colors of the soil; the turquoise and intense blues remind of the Southwestern skies; the oranges "speak" of the sunsets. The desert brings forth the browns and beiges, which also are part of the Southwest color scheme.

Walls and Flooring

Consider painting your walls antique white or pale yellow to create a backdrop for wrought-iron sconces, greenery and rough-hewn framed artwork. A faux stucco look will create an original Southwest look.

Stone, terra-cotta tile or wood flooring will give that hacienda look and feel to your home. Place attractive and colorful throw rugs in high-traffic areas (entranceways and hallways) to keep maintenance to a minimum.


Wrought-iron chandeliers and wall sconces are characteristic of this style of decor, as are Native American arts and crafts, such as pottery, carvings, baskets and rugs. Look for replicas or find original pieces of Native American art. A bright pottery bowl filled with fruit, a large basket to hold magazines or a hand-woven rug at your entryway will give that Southwestern flair.

A carved or cast statue of a horse or buffalo placed on an end table or coffee table brings back the days of the old Southwest, when the buffalo ran wild. Tin boxes and tin picture frames as well as religious pieces such as santos and retablos also are found in Southwestern decor. You can bring in the outdoors by tucking a tall plant in the corner of a room. Use bright bold colors in pillows and throws to complete the look.

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