Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Decorations Do I Put On A Baker'S Rack

Decorative pasta containers and big spoons can be placed on a baker's rack.

Baker's racks are both decorative and functional. Although there are many styles and sizes, baker's racks typically consist of wood cabinets with a small counter space and metal or wrought-iron shelves on top. Display your favorite kitchen accessories and cooking supplies on its shelves. Use accessories that coordinate with the style of kitchen, such as country, French or modern, and make sure the accessories are properly spaced on the shelves to provide a balanced look. Does this Spark an idea?

Pitchers, Jars and Containers

A baker's rack is the perfect place to display colorful ceramic pitchers and jars. Select an accent color that coordinates with the kitchen. For example, if you have a coastal kitchen, use a light blue or green color. If you have a French country kitchen, use a bright yellow pitcher. Glass containers can also be used. Fill a glass container with your favorite cookies, cookie dough mix or colorful pastas.

Plates, Bowls and Glasses

A baker's rack is a good display for your dishware. Place a colorful, decorative plate on a plate stand and display on one of the shelves. You could also stack four to five colorful plates and place them on the counter. Alternatively, place the decorative plate on the counter and put some fresh fruit, such as apples or oranges, on the plate. Glass vases or a bowl may also be used to display or store your favorite fruits. Some baker's racks have storage for wine glasses. If so, fill the spaces with several wine glasses. Then take a bottle of wine and place it on the counter with two wine glasses.

Cookbooks and Cooking Supplies

Cookbooks may also be stored on a baker's rack. Either stand three to four cookbooks on one side of the shelf or lay them horizontally on the counter. If your kitchen is short on storage, a baker's rack is a great place for cooking supplies. Fill a container with wooden spoons and set on the shelf. Olive oils, salt and pepper shakers may also be placed on the shelves. If there is a shelf on the bottom below the cabinets, place attractive cooking pots. Fill a basket with colorful place mats and napkins and place on the bottom shelf. Hang an apron from the top corner.


Greenery is a nice addition to a baker's rack. Use a potted plant or herbs in a decorative pot. A vase filled with fresh flowers is also appealing.

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