Monday, April 30, 2012

Decorate A Rustic Style Bedroom

Use wash tubs as rustic accent pieces.

To decorate your bedroom with rustic charm, invite the sights and textures from outdoors into your home. After all, rustic style decorating---according to the Home Decorating Reviews website---is about connecting with the outdoors. If you love rustic, country style, decorate your bedroom with items from nature, natural-looking elements and outdoorsy pieces. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Create a neutral blank slate. Paint bedroom walls with neutral or earth tones. Use neutral tones such as white or gray or earth tones such as olive, tan or shades of brown. Additionally, unless you have wood flooring, carpet the room in a neutral or earth tone.

2. Bring in a rustic bed. Home Decorating Reviews suggests a pole log bed. Alternatively, a wrought iron bed will add the rustic look of outdoor architecture.

3. Add pieces of rustic, texture-rich furniture. Home Decorating Reviews suggests knotted wood or log furniture and pieces with a natural, worn finish. Include items such as a distressed or antique dresser, country rocking chair, stick chair and pole log sofa.

4. Accessorize with rustic-style accents. Hang a natural grapevine or straw wreath on the closet door. Bundle a cluster of eucalyptus sprigs and tie with raffia to hang over the window. Additionally, Home Decorating Reviews suggests rag rugs, country quilts, old advertising signs, a wash tub magazine holder and water can vases.

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