Monday, November 2, 2009

Decorate In Tuscan Style

A Tuscan style formal dining room.

A Tuscan style is a great way to decorate your home if you love the rustic, sun-baked look, textured walls, terra cotta tile floors and the use of simple and sturdy furnishings with elegant iron accents. Oftentimes, you would see a Tuscan style used in kitchens and dining areas due to its warm hues and textures. Read on to learn more. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Walls: You can just paint the walls with dark yellow without texturing for a simpler application. But if you would like to add texture which is a true characteristic of a Tuscan design, you can use plaster that you can buy at home improvement stores to texture your walls. Once dry apply two coats of yellow latex paint. Use a sponge and apply the light brown color to highlight certain areas to give more depth to the texture. You can add wall paper mural with scenery from Tuscany on an accent wall that you keep smooth or un-textured. If you can paint trompe l'oeil designs on the walls do so or hire someone to do it for you.

2. Architectural details: A Tuscan style home is big on architectural embellishments, from the wooden beam ceilings to crown moldings. You can add a couple of PVC Columns or pillars to act as decorative dividers between your dining room and living room, to define each space. Paint them with the accent colors like a dark burgundy red or hunter green to show more character.

3. Floors: Use terra cotta tiles or slates in earth colors in dark tones. You can also use dark hardwood floors if desired but, terra cotta tiles would be more in keeping with Tuscan style. You can add a rug on top to smooth the surface or leave it bare.

4. Window Treatments: You can use wooden blinds or plantation shutters, and then add draperies in dark brown, dark red or dark green. Use velvet fabrics or patterned ones. Use rods made of wrought-iron to hang the draperies.

5. Furnishings: Simple and sturdy with wrought-iron accents, upholstered with fabric or leather in colors that blend well with the walls and drapes. Use decorative pillows and throws to soften the look.

6. Lighting: Use light fixtures like chandeliers and wall sconces in wrought-iron finish for a rustic look.

7. Accents: Wrought-iron accessories like candle sconces and wall art made of iron scroll work can add to the rustic charm. Use painted ceramics and vases as well as painted art work that depicts the color and scenery of the sunny Tuscan sky.

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