Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ideas For Wrought Iron Verandas

A wrought iron veranda makes a great place to install a planter.

Wrought iron verandas are popular as railings on apartment and condominium balconies. Coming up with an interesting use for your wrought iron veranda can meaning thinking outside the ordinary and using the sturdy structure to your advantage. Anything placed on the veranda should always be hung on the inside of the railings to prevent pots or planters from falling from your balcony and causing damage to property or people. Does this Spark an idea?

Window Box Planters

A simple window box-style planter, hung on the inside of the railing of your veranda, can be a great way to bring a touch of life and color to your balcony. While your planter should be on the inside of your railing, encourage the flowers or plants to grow over the side of the railing. Colorful flowers, like zinnias and petunias, will contrast nicely with the black wrought iron and be sure to attract attention from below.


Decorative lighting on a wrought iron veranda will provide nice ambient lighting in your house, and give you a nice low-light seating area in the evenings. Use fairy-style lights or tube lighting, and line the inside railings and vertical support posts with the strands, being careful to keep the lights on the inside of your veranda to prevent them being visible during the day from the street. Secure your lights using zip-ties or black wire, and enjoy.

Climbing Plants

A climbing plant will quite easily become a hanging plant, if grown on your wrought iron veranda. Plant a grapevine or other climbing vine in a large pot on your veranda, and train it up on to the wrought iron, and around the circumference of your balcony. You can then allow the vine to grow down from the railing and hang from your balcony. Be sure to keep the growth clipped to prevent it making the jump to your neighbors, and check with your landlord before growing any plants directly on your veranda.

Vegetable Garden

Your wrought iron veranda is a ready-made vegetable garden, complete with your very own, super-sturdy, wrought iron trellis system. Plant pots of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans and other sun-loving vegetables, and allow them to grow up the wrought iron as you would a trellis. Make sure the vegetables themselves are growing inside your railing, as a falling cucumber can do some damage to a pedestrian.

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