Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Design Ideas With Moroccan Themes

Wrought iron grillwork is a common feature of Moroccan styling.

Exotic, relaxed, sensuous---this is the feel of Moroccan style home designs. Moroccan d cor incorporates the atmosphere of the hot, North African climate and the complex mix of cultures that makes the area one of the most interesting places in the world. Spice up your design ideas with the rich colors, vivid patterns and easy-care lifestyle of Moroccan furnishings, textiles and accessories Does this Spark an idea?

The Essence of Morocco

Throughout history, Morocco and North Africa have been the crossroads of several cultures in the region. French, Moorish, Arabian and African influences combine to give Moroccan decorating a sense of both relaxation and expansive culture. Color, texture and craftsmanship feature prominently in this style of decorating


Choose deep, jewel tones for walls, upholstery fabrics and accessories to enhance the sultry atmosphere of the region. Deep crimsons, royal blues, intense greens, oranges and yellows can all find a place in the Moroccan themed room. The African appreciation of color is evident, joined with a classic European love of rich hues. Silver, gold and bronze tones also blend to give rooms a luxurious look.


Dark woods are common in the Moroccan themed room, with heavy carving representative of the region's many craftsmen. Floor cushions and simple benches are everywhere, inviting guests to relax inside, out of the North African heat. Tables often have mosaic tops in simple, repeating designs, or brass tray tops.


Textiles are important parts of Moroccan history, with geometric patterns, rosette designs and other simplified iconic forms. Muslim culture discourages the use of the human form in artistic expression, so they rely instead on interesting ways to display designs from nature, according to DesignDecorStaging. Silk, cotton, and wool textiles are used lavishly in the Moroccan style of home design.

Window Coverings

In the Moroccan-themed room, curtains are long and flowing, either in dark, rich colors to help keep out the midday heat, or light and flowing sheers to let breezes into the interior. Avoid fussy, ruffled styles. Go for smooth, clean lines in simple designs


Moroccan style rugs employ repeating, geometric patterns or stylized figures from nature. Use these in combination in the same room to provide interest and color. Whitewashed floors are common. Stone and tile can also be worked into Moroccan themed rooms.


The Moroccan style makes use of many natural materials for decorating, including stone, tiles, brick, whitewashed stucco and metals. Wrought iron grillwork, lanterns, candle holders and other items recall the Moorish influence so prevalent in this area of the world, according to HomeDecoratingReviews. Silk pillows in bright colors invite lounging and conversation. A Moroccan design tea set, so much a part of the Moroccan culture, helps to complete the look. Crafted wooden or wrought iron screens add a feel of privacy and seclusion to rooms.

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