Monday, November 2, 2009

Ironon Vinyl Heat Transfer Projects

Iron-on heat transfer vinyl can be used for a variety of projects.

Iron-on heat transfer projects used to be limited to professionals. The home crafter could only find the most basic numbers and letters in a craft store. However, with the advent of home die-cut machines and heat transfer vinyl, the pool of possible projects is greatly expanded.


Perhaps the most common iron-on vinyl heat transfer project is the T-shirt. Blank T-shirts are available in craft stores or discount stores in many colors. Craft stores have the widest range of colors available in the widest range of sizes. Prices can be as low as $3 for a plain T-shirt that is on sale. Purchase heat transfer vinyl made specifically for heat transfer. Each die-cut machine has its own version of iron-on vinyl.

Canvas Bags

Spice up a plain canvas tote with a name, a great graphic or a favorite quote. Iron the transfer on after cutting it on the machine by setting the iron at 302 degrees --- a cotton setting on most irons. Preheat the fabric with the iron before laying the vinyl onto the tote, then iron the vinyl for 10 to 15 seconds, applying a medium amount of pressure. You should leave the clear protective film on the heat transfer vinyl while ironing. These totes have such a wide space for decorating, and are washed so infrequently, that they make a great canvas for the creative artist.

Zippered Pouches

Zippered pouches can be used as great gift bags or as practical carrying pouches. Decorating them with vinyl iron-on transfers are a fabulous way to create a personalized gift or a classy carrying bag.

Chalkboard Fabric Projects

Another project that is a fun way to use iron-on vinyl is a personalized placemat or tote bag made of chalkboard fabric. Chalkboard fabric can be written on with chalk and erased, just like a regular chalkboard. Using iron-on vinyl is a fun way to personalize or decorate projects made of the chalkboard fabric. Remember to cut the vinyl out in reverse, shiny side down, and iron onto the fabric from the back of the chalkboard fabric. If you iron from the front, it will leave a mark.


Fabric hats are another popular item to personalize. An initial, a team name or a favorite figure make great vinyl decorations for a hat. Use any fabric hat, or any other item that can withstand the heat of an iron. Put the hat over the end of the ironing board, and use a folded hand towel or two under the hat to fill the gaps and give support as you iron.

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