Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decorate With Italian Style Wine & Grapes

The grape style, as a decorating motif, offers rich colors and shapes.

Wine country in Italy has inspired many with its rich colors, rolling hills and fragrant grapes that practically burst with the fresh scent of the wine harvest. If this visual appeals to you, a decorating style featuring wine and grapes might fit your personality nicely. Wine and grapes as a decorative motif have much to offer --- a vibrant color scheme, beautiful shapes and an abundance of decorative accessories to choose from make this decorating style one you can toast to. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls using the Venetian plaster faux painting technique. This painting style emulates the plastered walls in homes found in Italy's Tuscan region. Choose colors that complement the wine and grape motif, like cream, dusty rose and burgundy shades. This painting technique provides you with a decorative backdrop that's appropriate for this theme (see Resources).

2. Stencil grape leaf patterns on the walls in places like the areas around the windows, in the doorways or near the ceiling.

3. Create a grape- or wine-themed picture gallery. Look for pictures featuring still lifes of grapes, vineyards or bottles of wine with decorative labels. The pictures can be photographs or paintings. Group the pictures in theme clusters. For example, create a visual focal point by hanging a large painting next to two smaller photographs that fit the theme.

4. Look for wall sconces featuring a grape theme and hang them in your wine and grape gallery as well as around the house. Candle sconces allow you to feature candles in vineyard colors like burgundy or green.

5. Decorate your fireplace with a grape and wine motif. Look for wine bottles with beautiful labels to place on each end of the mantel. Place them in groups of threes or fives with the tallest bottles in the back and the labels facing outward. Create an arrangement for the middle of the mantel; do this by decorating a candelabra with silk grape leaves and faux grapes. Hang a mirror with a frame decorated with a grape leaf design above the mantel.

6. Add some decorative wine racks to the room. Many options exist, which include the traditional wine rack featuring compartments for wine bottles. However, you're not limited to that. Some newer designs look like grapes on the vine and feature spots along the vine for you to insert your wine bottles into.

7. Choose some wrought-iron furniture pieces like a table and chair set that have a grape leaf design molded into them. This type of furniture works well in the kitchen where you can enhance the Italian theme by adding additional decorative elements like fancy bottles full of gourmet vinegars and oils, dried pasta and bowls of real grapes in grape-themed pottery.

8. Decorate shelves or tables with Bacchus sculptures or fountains. Bacchus is the god of wine.

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