Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Create Wooden Words Wall Art

When you paint the letters yourself, wood letter wall art can match your decor perfectly.

Wooden word wall art is a trendy home d cor element that blends style with sentiment. When used in a child’s room, it becomes an inspiration or a way to lay claim to space; when used in a kitchen, it can greet guests with a homey family saying or philosophy. Although you can purchase wood word wall art from high-end merchandisers, craft stores make it easy for you to get what you need and put your own personal touch on the project without the big price tag. Consider your words, your decorating style and then get your wall-art project complete in one quick weekend.


1. Choose word art from famous quotes for a classic look.

Determine the word or phrase you want to display on your wall. Write it out on a piece of paper and double-check your spelling.

2. Match your word art to the room's decor style.

Study the room in which you want to hang your word art. Take note of the room colors and overall style so that your art will coordinate.

3. Knowing how many letters you need makes shopping easier.

Create a letter-shopping list. Look at your word or phrase and count up the number of each letter needed. For example, the name Lillian would need three "L"s, two "I"s, one "A" and one "N."

4. Go to your local craft store and purchase large or medium-sized unpainted wooden letters. Some home improvement stores may also have wooden letters available.

5. Your paint style will be determined by the rest of the room decor.

Paint your wooden letters to coordinate with the style of the room. For example, if you are hanging the word "Antique" in your shabby-chic living room you will white-wash the letters or use a faux rust or iron paint treatment.

6. Hot glue guns make attaching picture wire easy.

Hot glue the back of the painted letters to a piece of decorative wood trim to display the words as one piece. When you attach the letters to another piece of wood you allow yourself the chance to place the letters exactly straight or in any design you choose with a minimum of nails.

7. Prepare the letters for hanging. Craft wood letters have holes drilled in the back for nails, or you can attach a wire to the back of the letters with hot glue and then hang from small nails.

8. Determine where you want to hang your words. Word-art looks thoughtfully placed when hung high over a doorway or entrance way or on a wall behind a bed or sofa. Hang.

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