Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make Mirrors Work For Your Room

Decorative mirrors add light and depth to a room.

Adding mirrors to the decorating scheme of your room can change the look of the room in a number of ways. These versatile decorative pieces can affect a room's light quality and how large the room appears. Aside from these aesthetic factors, mirrors serve the practical purpose of allowing you to see what you look like before you leave the house. There are many ways you can arrange your mirrors that will help you take advantage of both of these elements. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select mirrors that match your decorating theme. For example, if you've decorated your home in a beach theme, choose mirrors with seashells glued on the frames. If it's a Tuscan style you've chosen, look for mirrors with wrought iron frames. These will visually reinforce the room's motif.

2. Create a mirrored wall to reflect your whole room. If you're working on your living room, hang self-adhesive mirrors from floor to ceiling. Set your furniture away from the wall to allow the full room to reflect in the mirrors. Choose visually stunning artwork and accessories to display on the opposite wall; work with brilliant colors and interesting shapes to give the room a visual boost.

3. Hang mirrors inside closet doors and the closet itself. If you have a light inside the closet, they'll help reflect its light, making it easier for you to see what you have in the closet and also provide you with mirrors when you're dressing.

4. Make a centerpiece mirror display for your dining room or coffee table. Lay down a mirror with a deep frame. Place items such as floral arrangements, fall fruits or bottles of wine of different sizes on the mirror. The mirror will bring a different visual element to these arrangements than they would on their own.

5. Dress up a fireplace that you don't use by placing a mirror and candle display in it. Stand the mirror against the back of the fireplace. Position assorted candles in front of it. Place the tallest ones in the back of the candle arrangement, or use a candelabra.

6. Set up mirrors in dark corners where you've placed floor lamps. Select mirrors that are as tall as the lamps and position the lamps slightly away from the mirrors so that you can avoid glare; the mirrors will help the corner seem brighter.

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