Friday, June 7, 2013

Make Chandeliers

Tealights for a chandlier

In the spirit of original chandeliers lit from candles, you can make this chandelier by grouping together small crystal tealight holders.Create a chandelier that you can hang anywhere, without wiring or electricity. Imagine decorating your garden with softly lit tealight chandeliers, placed sporadically to cast a glow over your plants and patio. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Assemble your materials, choosing your tealight holders to suit the décor of your home or garden. You can find tealight holders in all shapes, sizes and colors at your local home, discount or dollar store. Select tealight holders with smooth sides so that gluing them together is easier. The local home improvement store will cut the glass for you, or you could cut the corners from a 4 by 6 inch picture frame glass with a glass cutter.

2. Glue four of the tea light holders together in a row with the waterproof adhesive. Liquid Nail works well, and it comes in a clear variety. Make four sets of four holders, glued together in a straight line.

3. Make four sets of two holders, glued together at the sides. These will be placed between each of the four string sets as you form a star shape.

4. Form a cross with each of the four string sets meeting in the middle of the glass round. Glue any part of the tea light holder that it touches to the glass round and to each other. Turn your cross shape into a star shape by adding one set of two string holders in between each of the four string holders and glue them in the same way as the others. Allow the glue to dry completely.

5. Cut four pieces of fishing line or wire, if you prefer, about twice the length that you wish for your chandelier to hang, plus 8 inches.

6. Flip your chandelier over and fit one piece of fishing line so that the middle is on top of the glass round where one of the two-string light holders meet one of the four-string holders. Glue the fishing line to the glass round wherever it touches. Repeat this step for all four pieces of fishing line. Let the adhesive dry.

7. Flip the chandelier back over and tie the fishing line together at the end with a strong knot. Hang this over your hook, adjusting as needed to make the chandelier hang straight.

8. Place a tealight into each holder and enjoy your chandelier.

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