Thursday, June 20, 2013

Decorate A Home Office In Mexican Country Style

A Mexican country style office has a timeworn ambience with handmade accents. Here are some components to consider. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Use a distressed table as your desk, or place computer equipment in an armoire crafted with a combination of old doors and new wood. Tables are the most available furnishing in Mexico, and you can easily adapt one for computer use by adding a keyboard tray to the underside. Can't find the right table to use as your desk? A salvaged door placed on a wrought-iron stand will blend beautifully into your Mexican country style office.

2. Slide a low two-drawer file cabinet or a rolling storage unit under the table. For additional storage, an antique wooden chest or rustic armoire is ideal.

3. Choose your lamp and chair for function. A wrought-iron lamp with a simple paper shade is perfect. A chair upholstered in antique or distressed leather will fit the ambience; for a less expensive option, choose a standard-issue desk chair that adjusts for maximum comfort.

4. Find made-in-Mexico baskets or pottery, such as a colorfully painted Talavera bowl or platter, to serve as storage for desktop clutter, including paper clips, stapler and staples, scissors, and the like. Stash pens and pencils in a similar collectible, such as a small flowerpot or vase.

5. Fashion one or more striped Mexican blankets into a window treatment - perhaps an upholstered valance or panels on cafe rods. A more subdued alternative is a simple solid-color linen or cotton, perhaps in ecru, on a wrought-iron rod.

6. Hang pictures that suggest scenes from Mexico - rugged landscapes or fiesta scenes, for instance. Or hang professional documents in Mexican frames; these frames typically feature rustic carving.

7. Add a potted plant whose shape or appearance blends with your mental image of Mexico. Some cacti will grow indoors, and instead of yucca or agave (which are outdoor-only plants), try a similarly spiky-looking member of the dracaena family.

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