Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make A Cottage Mailbox

A mailbox should accent the exterior of your home.

A wooden mailbox built in the Arts and Crafts style will complement your cottage's exterior. Even better, you can make your own cedar mailbox for your cottage exterior.


1. Adjust the miter saw to make a 25-degree angle cut. Measure 9 inches on one long side of the 3/8-by-4 1/2-by-11-inch cedar boards. Mark the measurements. Cut the boards from one edge of the board to the pencil mark. You will now have two boards with a 25-degree angle cut on one end. The long side should measure 11 inches and the short side should measure 9 inches. These are the sides. The long edge is the back. The short edge is the front.

2. Draw a convex (rounded outward) curve with a flexible ruler on one end of the 3/8-by-6-by-13-inch cedar board. This is the back. The curved end is the top of the back. Cut out the curve using a band saw.

3. Rest the back edges of the sides on a work surface so the front edges are facing upright. The angled ends are the top edge of the mailbox and should be facing up. Place the back between the sides. Make sure the bottom of the back is flush with the bottom of the sides.

4. Apply a bead of wood glue along the edges where the sides meet the back. Use a hammer to drive finish nails every 2 inches through the outside face of the sides into the edges of the back board.

5. Place the 3/8-by-6-by-9-inch cedar board between the top edge of the sides. This is the front of the box. Fasten the front of the box to the sides in the same manner as the back.

6. Align the 3/8-by-4 1/2-by-7 3/4-inch cedar board to it's flush with the mailbox assembly bottom. Be sure that it's flush with the bottom outside edges of the sides, front and back. Apply a bead of glue to the joint. Drive evenly spaced nails every 2 inches through the bottom into the ends of the sides, front and back.

7. Cut a 25-degree angle on one 7 3/4-inch edge of the 3/8-by-5-by-7 3/4-inch cedar board. Use a miter saw to make the cut. This is the mailbox lid. The angled edge lets the lid to rest flush against the back of the mailbox.

8. Sand the mailbox assembly and lid with fine-grit sandpaper. Apply a wood finish. Allow the finish to dry.

9. Place the angled edge of the lid against the back of the mailbox so the lid sits flush on the assembly. Align the hinge set in the center of the lid and back. Screw the hinge set to the lid and back.

10. Align the house numbers vertically on the front of the mailbox. Fasten the numbers in place with the provided screws.

11. Drill a 1/16-inch hole in the center of the back about 1 inch down from the curved top edge. Place the mailbox on the exterior of your home. Drive a pan head screw through the hole to fasten it to the house.

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