Monday, June 10, 2013

Decorative Wrought Iron For Windows

Wrought iron window boxes are an elegant addition to a home's decor.

Wrought iron brings an interesting element to a home's window d cor. The curved metal pieces add flair to the window treatment and enhances the beauty of home's exterior and interior. Window grills, planter boxes, curtain rods and hardware can give the window treatments the extra touch needed in a Victorian, Mediterranean or Spanish d cor. Does this Spark an idea?

Wrought Iron and Glass

Decorative wrought iron can add style and elegance to a room's interior. The intricate design of the wrought iron is visible from the exterior of the home and can add to the appearance of a Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. Elaborate designs in wrought iron can also enhance a Victorian home.

Window Grills

Window grills install over the exterior of window and are elegant while providing security for the home. A bar design is a simple way to add a measure of security to the home, but homeowners can also select a window grill with a design in the wrought iron. The grills can cover the bottom half of the window only and expose the glass on the window while keeping the home secure.

Window Boxes

Wrought iron window boxes are planters that hang on the outside of the house. Adding colorful flowers that are visible from the inside of the home can add to the d cor of the interior rooms as well. The metal window boxes filled with colorful flowers give a home an old world and elegant charm.

Tall Windows

Cover tall windows with a large wrought iron window treatment to enhance the oddly shaped windows. Tall and narrow windows can be difficult to cover and disguise with traditional curtains and drapes. Wrought iron adds an intricate design to the room d cor while solving the problem of decorating the unusual window. The metal grills can decorate the oversized windows in a front door as well.

Wrought Iron and Drapes

Wrought iron rods, tie backs and hooks can add to the d cor of window treatments. The hardware for window treatments can add a decorative design to simple curtains in a room decorated with a Tuscan or Italian room d cor.

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