Thursday, August 8, 2013

About Pier Mount Lighting Fixtures

About Pier Mount Lighting Fixtures

Pier mounted lighting is the latest thing in outdoor lighting fixtures. They come in styles that will fit any type of house - Victorian, Craftsman, Modern or Rustic Log Cabin. They make your outdoor space more pleasant and easier to use on a warm summer's night when you do not want to be driven indoors because your outdoor lighting is inadequate. Does this Spark an idea?


Pier mounted lighting is usually made from materials such as wrought iron or cast aluminum. You can buy a complete unit - light, pole and base - or buy the parts separately, but it is advisable to purchase everything from the same manufacturer since parts from one may not fit into parts from another. You can also buy adapters for use with other types of outdoor lighting.


One of the best features of pier mounted lights is that they are low voltage lights. They can be attached to a deck or patio directly instead of being attached to the side of the house. Pier mounted lighting fixtures are specially made to be out in the unprotected areas and are extremely durable and weather resistant. They will look like new for many years into the future.


These fixtures are only for outdoor use. They are made for a patio or deck and made to cover a larger area. They can be installed at the same time as your deck is constructed, or can be added on later. If they are installed at the same time, the cords are able to be hidden in the posts and they look like a part of the deck, but if you have to add them later, it is perfectly OK. You just need to get creative about hiding the power source.


Pier mount lighting fixtures will not only save you money on your electric bill, but they will also improve the security around your home. Take a look at a light that is attached to the house. It doesn't cover nearly as much area as a pier mounted light would.


Make sure that the unit you purchase is certified to be able to be in a wet location. If you do not see the certification, pass it up. The width of the pole will be different than in regular outdoor lighting, so you need an adaptor if you want to use a regular light as a pier mount. But it is recommended that you use a complete pier light set.

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