Thursday, August 22, 2013

Decorate A Patio In A Spanish Theme

Warm summer days spent taking refuge behind walls of lush greenery--reminiscent of that perfect vacation in the Spanish countryside--can be yours this season. Colorful ceramics and tiles combined with earthy terracotta are the key to surrounding yourself in Spanish ambiance this summer or at any time of the year. Try these other suggestions for an irresistible Spanish-inspired patio. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a wrought-iron bistro set or simpler cushioned rattan chairs with a glass-top table. Since your furniture is probably the focal point of your patio, choose pieces that will infuse your patio with Spanish inspiration.

2. Place a cypress spiral or topiary at either end of your patio. Palm trees would also be a good choice, but they are more difficult to maintain in various climates.

3. Stucco your walls if that is a possibility. Otherwise, put up latticed walls covered with climbing vines around your patio to create the lush enclosed space for which Spanish gardens are known.

4. Install a Spanish-inspired painted or tiled garden fountain to instantly bring a taste of Spain to your backyard. Try one that mounts on the wall if space is an issue.

5. Set or hang Spanish-style terracotta or painted pots, filled with vegetation indigenous to regions of Spain, around your patio area. Choose colorful succulents, orchids, lavender, various herbs or an orange tree.

6. Hang a Spanish tile mural on the wall for a distinctively Spanish flair, or, if you want to get really ambitious, apply a tile mural to your glass tabletop.

7. Ornament an enclosed wall with an arrangement of ceramic Spanish plates and platters.

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