Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Types Of Window Grills

Types of Window Grills

Window grills can be decorative, but for many people, they use them for added home security. There are many types of grills, with different materials and designs to fit the decor of your home. Metal window grills offer the best protection, but a home does not need to look like a prison for your family to be safe. With the proper grills, any home can be safe and look great as well. Does this Spark an idea?

Steel or Wrought Iron

Steel and wrought-iron grills are heavy grills that can be intimidating to a would-be thief. Although these grills are tough and hard to break through, they come in many designs that can add to the decor of any home. Some people may think that these types of grills would be prone to rust, but they are treated and homeowners typically will not have any trouble with these grills rusting.


Although aluminum is a lighter-weight material, that should not deter a homeowner from purchasing aluminum grills, because they are still strong and hard to break through. In fact, aluminum's light weight means less stress on the house where the grills attach. This is important if the grills are attached to wood.


Iron grills are the strongest of all of the types of window grills. Iron grills are very heavy, so that might be something that the owner of a wood home might want to take into consideration. When many people think of iron, they think of something that is large, bulky and unattractive. On the contrary, iron grills come in many beautiful types and designs that will surely add beauty as well as security to any home. The main drawback of iron grills is not the weight, but the upkeep. Iron oxidizes, getting dull and rusty over time. If a homeowner wants to prevent this from happening, they will need to repaint iron grills on a regular basis.

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