Friday, August 9, 2013

Instructions For A Picket Fence Headboard

Picket fence headboards are an inexpensive way to update a child's bedroom or a guest room. A picket fence headboard is quick to build and you can install it in less than an hour. Whether a garden or country theme, a picket fence headboard allows you to bring the outdoors inside and provides a whimsical look to your bedroom decor. Does this Spark an idea?


If you're not sure what style you want, visit home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. There are often displays in the lumber or fencing department so you can see how each style will look and get an idea of which one best suits the theme of your room. French Gothic Concave style has an arrowhead shaped tip and the pickets are not all the same height. The fence is tallest on either end and slopes downward toward the middle. Dog Ear style has pickets that are straight on their tops with the edges cut at an angle. The pickets are typically all the same height. Stockade style has a triangular picket top with a rounded point. The pickets can either be the same height or concave similar to the French Gothic style.


Picket fences typically come in eight-foot lengths and four- or eight-foot heights, so depending upon the size of the bed and the style of the fence, you may only need to purchase one. You can make your fence out of wrought iron, vinyl or wood, so determine whether you are going to need to cut the fence into a smaller width before choosing which material to use. Wood and vinyl are the easiest to cut; cutting wrought iron will require a special saw blade or tool. However, if your decor is more sophisticated, wrought iron may be more appropriate. If using wood, you will need to also purchase paint or stain because wood picket fences are sold untreated. Vinyl coated fences are usually available in either white or black so if that fits into your planned color scheme, vinyl would reduce the amount of work involved to complete the project.


Measure the width of the bed to determine how much, if any, you need to cut your fence length. If trimming is required, start with the outside pickets and work your way in. For concave designs, be sure to take an even number of pickets off each side, or the finished headboard will not be symmetrical. Based on the style of bed and the height of the picket fence you bought, adjust to the desired height, if needed, by trimming from the bottom using a circular saw.

For wood fences, paint or stain as required, then wait until fully dry before attaching to the wall. For vinyl fences attach to the wall using drywall anchor screws on the top and bottom. Wrought iron fences require heavier mounting screws, so make sure you use screws specifically designed for use with iron so the headboard will stay attached to the wall.

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