Friday, August 9, 2013

Repair A Steam Iron

You can repair your steam iron if necessary.

Although many different kinds of steam irons are available on the market, they all perform the same basic functions: They use water, pressure and heat to remove wrinkles from clothing. The basic makeup and parts of most steam irons are also fairly simple, so repairs aren't difficult. It is usually beneficial, however, to purchase a new iron rather than attempt to fix a broken one, but you can repair the broken one if necessary. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Unplug the iron, and allow it to completely cool down before beginning any repairs.

2. Inspect the steam vents from the outside, and use a pipe cleaner or other small utensil to remove any excess buildup that is blocking the vents. Be careful not to let the buildup fall down into the steam vents.

3. Clean the steam iron's directional spray tip. Minerals and other debris can build up on the nozzle over time and will greatly hinder the use of your steam iron.

4. Pour equal parts vinegar and water into the steam iron's water supply tank. Put the steam iron above an empty pot, and turn the iron on. Let it steam the solution until all the water/vinegar solution is gone.

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