Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Decorate An Intimate Room

Low lighting can create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom.

Smaller spaces are often considered intimate, though large rooms can be decorated to feel intimate and cozy as well. Your bedroom is likely the most intimate room in your household, and should be decorated as such no matter how big or small the room is. The colors, furnishings and accessories you include in the room will determine whether it feels intimate and inviting or cold and open. Include any details that feel intimate or romantic to you, even if they aren't typically considered romantic. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls a color that you and your partner enjoy and feel relaxed in. Choose a neutral color if you can't agree on a color, such as warm beige in a larger room or cool blue in a small room. Red is an intense color that can incite passion, but should be used in small doses. Put up romantic wallpaper with soft scrolling or floral patterns if you prefer more detail on the walls.

2. Arrange your furniture to promote intimacy, while still functioning to suit your daily needs. Low profile beds with lower nightstands can create an intimate feel because you're closer to the ground, making everything feel closer, while a four poster or canopy bed also invokes a sense of intimacy. Ornate headboards can make your bed appear luxurious and inviting, as well. Include a love seat, two chairs or a chaise large enough for two if you have enough space.

3. Add to your romantic design with linens that make you instantly feel like getting intimate, such as high-quality cotton or down comforters and satin sheets. Pile pillows onto the bed to make it inviting for you and your partner, perhaps adding a novelty heart or lips pillow. Color plays a large role in your bedding, as well. Choose a color and design that complements your decorating style, such as a white duvet cover with a simple heart pattern on one or both sides of the cover in your bedroom color, such as navy or red.

4. Cover the windows with shades or blinds that allow you to fully control how much natural light you do or do not let into the room. Add flirty curtains, such as sheer panels, if you want something more. Heavier drapes, such as velvet, can add texture and help make a large room feel more intimate.

5. Put matching or similar lamps on either side of the bed to provide low lighting, which can help create an intimate mood. Dimmers will allow you better control of the lighting, which allows you more control in setting the mood. Colored light bulbs, particularly red, black or purple, can give off an intimate glow, adding to the ambiance. Candles are often associated with romance and intimacy, particularly in the bedroom. Consider scented candles to involve another sense -- smell -- in your intimate experience.

6. Hang wall decor that helps create the mood you want in your bedroom. Family pictures might make intimate moments awkward, whereas fertility tribal art, renaissance body portraits or other tasteful erotic art can add to the room's intimate feel. Mirrors, candle wall sconces or wrought iron sculptures are other options that aren't as bold.

7. Accessorize the room with curvy vases, your favorite flowers, a stereo or anything else that complements your intimate bedroom. For example, a bed canopy can create a cozy nook even in a large bedroom.

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