Monday, August 31, 2009

Decorate In Country Decor

Decorate in Country Decor

Country decor evokes simpler times and a less hectic lifestyle. Turn your home into a relaxing retreat by incorporating charming country styles into your current home theme. Antiques, fresh flowers and reworked, vintage furniture will add to the country-inspired look. Browse secondhand stores, antique shops and flea markets to find the perfect country furniture and accent pieces for your home. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Add rustic country touches to your home decor by blending rough-hewn wood pieces, colorful fabrics and metals. For a refined look, combine textured and smooth surfaces -- such as antique wood with glass, and crocheted pillows with soft blankets. Line the top of an antique wood coffee table with eye-catching old crate labels, and place a sheet of glass on top to mix several design medias.

2. Mix and match: Incorporate natural design elements, such as stones and iron, into your decor. Scour flea markets for rustic-looking pieces, such as weathered shutters and metal railings. Use architectural salvage pieces to decorate your home in a eco-friendly way. Mix vintage items with new pieces to create a sophisticated country-inspired look.

3. Play with contrasting colors and patterns. The beauty of country decor is that you don't want to aim for a "perfect" look, and you can have fun mixing things up. Reupholster a vintage chair with a country floral pattern and decorate with striped pillows. Use primary colors, such as red couches and blue rugs, and tie the look together with red-and-blue pillows or curtains. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colors and fabrics.

4. To enhance your relaxing country retreat, use fresh flowers wherever possible. Fill a vase with a mix of flowers; the more colorful and mismatched the better. Aim for a fresh-from-the-garden rather than a fresh-from-the-florist look. Use fresh-picked wildflowers during the summer months. In addition to looking pretty, flowers are natural air fresheners for your home.

5. Use paint to create a distressed, country look. For instance, apply paint to walls using a sponge to create "texture."

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