Monday, August 24, 2009

Metal Wall Decoration Ideas

Wall metal decorations include sculptural displays.

Something is elemental about metal, whether it is the patina gained over time or the intricate details in a simple wrought iron fence. You can incorporate wall metal into your home d cor by using it on the wall for a practical purpose or as art. Despite your choice, use the metal as an extension of your theme. Does this Spark an idea?


A kitchen wall can incorporate metal wall decorations in a variety of ways. A tin rooster can bring in the rooster theme in a country home while a modern contemporary kitchen might prefer an abstract design, such as copper wires arranged in a pinwheel swirl. A Tuscan-themed kitchen could hang a metal wine rack containing swirling metal grape vines. An English cottage design might go for a flower motif set on a metal tile.

Living Room

Living rooms provide ample opportunities to use metal. A large wrought iron bar hung on the wall can hold a tapestry of the family crest or a homemade quilt. Wall shelving units could contain large decorative scrolls of metal to hold the wooden shelves. Four large copper panels that create one large piece of contemporary wall sculpture make a statement on an accent wall, or use a tree of life metal wall sculpture instead with its spreading branches.


Metal wall art emphasizes the theme of a bedroom. For a Gothic design install an intricately designed wrought iron fence into the studs above the bed for a new headboard, or give a romantic theme several silver tin metal tiles within a whitewashed wood frame. A whimsical metallic fairy can decorate a nursery wall while a metallic rendition of horses galloping adorns the walls of a cowboy-themed bedroom. A metallic dreamcatcher with metallic feathers hangs near the window to ensure sweet dreams for all.


Metal can dress up a foyer. A metallic water fountain, set into the wall, soothes the ears with the melodic sound of water while a metal wind chime of flowers sings in the breeze. A set of metal letters spells out the message, "Welcome" on the wall while a mirror set in a copper metal design hangs on the wall below. As a final touch, a pewter key plaque hangs next to the door to minimize misplacing the keys.

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