Thursday, August 20, 2009

Decorating California Chic

California's varied natural landscapes inspire streamlined interior designs.

Because California is a state outfitted with sprawling mountain ranges, beaches and deserts, and is typically blessed with year-round outdoor living conditions, a California-themed decor often incorporates the great outdoors into its interior design. As a result, a chic California home commonly uses natural and eco-friendly fabrics, colors, materials and sources for light. Does this Spark an idea?

Walls and Flooring

Celebrate natural light by sticking primarily with stark white walls. Consider accent walls with light greens, blues or browns to achieve an earthy tone. For added texture, apply the paint with a sponge. Hang sheer white gauze curtains for an airy look. In lieu of curtains, try white or light wood plantation shutters. Install or refurbish light or dark hardwood floors, topping the whole look with neutral-colored hemp rugs.


Pick modern lighting choices like recessed or track lighting. You may also try bamboo ceiling fans with a light attached in the middle. Paint wrought-iron or wooden chandeliers white before hanging them from the center of the room. For the environmentally conscious, use energy-saving lightbulbs. Place crystal or silver candleholders on fireplace mantels, bookshelves or coffee tables, using light-colored candles.


In a living room, den or family room, try a white muslin couch and upholstered chairs. Complement the furnishings with coffee tables comprised of glass and steel. For a California chic look in the bedroom, use wooden armoires, wicker chests and headboards. Set up an outdoor eating area in a patio or backyard setting complete with oversized wooden tables and matching picnic benches. Add padded cushions to the benches, featuring blue and white checkered patterns.


Scatter vases around the room filled with flowers like poppies, California's state flower. Throw patchwork quilts over beds and couches. Place a large conch shell and seashell-covered frames on a bookshelf or coffee table. Cover the walls with artwork, such as paintings and photographs, highlighting famed natural settings like California's coastline, Yosemite National Park and Redwood National Forest.

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