Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diy Replace Patio Chair Sling

Patio sling chairs are comfortable and you can refurbish them rather than replace them.

Patio chairs with slings for the seat and back are very versatile. You can change the sling fabric to have a more updated appearance or choose a different color to match other outdoor accessories. Several fabric choices supply better airflow through the sling for additional comfort in the summer sun. Colored end caps can also dress up a sling patio chair. As long as the frame is sturdy, you can replace all the other parts on this type of patio chair. Does this Spark an idea?

Tips for Ordering Slings

Knowing the brand and style of your patio chairs will ensure that you order the correct replacement slings. Each brand and each style within a brand have different standard measurements in both length and width. If you are unsure of the brand and style, taking accurate measurements will allow you to make a replacement purchase. Taking measurements with the old slings on the chair will provide a better overall accurate measurement. The old slings may appear to be in bad shape but the tension on the frame will help them hold their shape for measuring.

Additional Replacement Parts

When removing an old sling from a patio chair, some of the parts may break due to their brittle nature from sun bleaching over the years. New slings arrive with new plastic splines for installation. You can order replacement end caps and supports in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. End caps are often brittle and break during the sling replacement. You may not be able to match a colored end cap to the exact shade of your existing chairs so that they all match. The plastic will also fade over the years. It is a good idea to order end caps at the same time that you order your slings so that you can choose a coordinating color for each chair.

Bolt Removal

Bolts can become rusty and unmoving on the frame of the chair. To remove stubborn bolts, spray them thoroughly with a liquid lubricant and let them soak for an hour. This will loosen their grip and allow easier removal.


When you install your new slings on their splines, do not cut off the excess on the top and bottom until the last step of your installation. The sling fabric needs to pull very tightly on the splines so that is does not have wrinkles, creases or sags. This tightening motion will reposition the sling on the spline and leave less excess on the top and bottom at the end of the process. Cutting the excess splines off the top and bottom with wire cutters is the final step in the process.

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