Monday, August 10, 2009

Diy Build Tv Television Stand

DIY Build TV Television Stand

With the increasing size of LCD and plasma flat-screen TVs, stands have almost become a necessity. TVs are simply too big to just sit on a countertop or be built into a cabinet, the way older console TVs were. A TV stand can be as easy to build as a tabletop on four legs, or as involved as a multi-sectional entertainment center. The only real question is, how ambitious are you?

The Simple Approach

You can cut a simple tabletop from 3/4-inch plywood and use banding tape on the exposed edges, then use four store-bought legs and hardware to make a very basic TV stand. Or you can build an open box--with the open side on the floor--to create a simple cube or rectangle stand. The former works well in a traditional setting; the latter in a modern setting.

If your TV stand will be in a high-traffic area, you may want to paint it. Not only do you have a wide choice of colors, but latex paint-covered surfaces can be cleaned with warm soapy water. A stained surface is more traditional, and may fit in better with different decorating styles.

Including Storage Space

If you take an open box stand and turn it on its side, so the opening is easily accessible, you have made a basic storage table. You may not want the flat side of the box to sit on the floor, so you can use simple legs made from wood blocks to raise it. Adding some molding along the base will give the unit more style; moldings also can be added around the top edges.

Adding a shelf to the interior of the box increases its utility. It is fairly easy to add doors to the front, turning the box into a cabinet. You can add a larger tabletop onto the box. This not only gives your cabinet a more traditional look, but the extra thickness can give your table the ability to support a heavier TV.

TV Stands as Sculpture

There is no law that says a TV stand has to be a standard, boxy piece of furniture. Why not build a stand that stands out?

If you want to make a TV stand with geometric supports--for example, with Z-shaped sides--standard lumber is a good choice. Glue several "layers" of wood together to make "finger" joints at the angles, interlocking the layers to strengthen the joint. Likewise, for a stand with elaborately-shaped side panels, you can cut the shapes from plywood panels.

You can also use other materials with the wood components. Wrought iron, metal brackets, PVC or metal pipe, ceramics, even sonotubes--the thick round cardboard forms used for pouring concrete--can be used to give your TV stand a unique look.

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