Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Landscape Around A Wroughtiron Fence

Wrought-iron fences are usually very ornamental.

Wrought-iron fences are both beautiful and decorative. However, if they stand alone in the yard, you may miss the color and texture of other landscaping elements. Fortunately, you have many options when landscaping around this type of fence. Work the wrought-iron fence into your landscaping plans as a decorative element. Plan the space on paper first, to ensure you create the design you intend. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Install a rock garden between the fence and the sidewalk or walkway. You can even extend the garden under the fence so it covers both sides if the fence doesn't have a concrete base. Rock gardens require almost zero maintenance and are easy to install. Dig up 6 inches where you want the garden, tamp it flat, put an edging around the border, lay down newspaper, cover with permanent mulch and fill with decorative rock. Try lava rock, quartz or rock that's been dyed bright colors. Plant short, low-maintenance plants among the rocks if you want greenery.

2. Plant a row of shrubs to form a hedge along the fence line. Keep the shrubs well groomed and short, up to 3 feet high, so that the wrought-iron fence is visible. Boxwood shrubs are easy to groom into hedges and require little work other than regular pruning. You can also try a different look by planting rosemary, which you can groom into a shrub that's 5 feet wide, filling in larger areas. Burning Bush and Purpleleaf Sand Cherry shrubs are other hedge options that add a lot of color to the yard.

3. Install a walkway along the fence line, using decorative rocks in the same manner as the rock garden. Choose from a variety of decorative rocks, including crushed rock, brick chips, marbled stones or river rocks. Make the path wide so people have plenty of room to walk without brushing against the fence -- at least 4 feet wide. Fill in the space around the trees with large bark cover for both its decorative and mulching qualities.

4. Plant dwarf evergreen trees in equal increments along the path. This will provide greenery year round without completely blocking the view, as a hedge can. Try Russian Cypress that grows to a maximum of 3 feet high. If you want seasonal color and fragrance over year-round greenery, try Japanese White Spirea, which has large white flower clusters. Spirea, junipers and barberry all have dwarf varieties that grow under 3 feet.

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