Monday, August 31, 2009

Decorate In The Hacienda Home Style

Hacienda style is greatly influenced by classic Spanish interiors.

Hacienda in Spanish means estate. Haciendas structures are huge in size and are considered a symbol of status and wealth. Hacienda home style is more than four centuries old and features rugged beauty with rich colors and usage of natural materials. A home designed in hacienda style represents Mexico's past, giving emphasis to traditional architecture and handcrafted elements. To decorate your home in hacienda style, combine Mexican country and Spanish Colonial objects with modern ideas of comfort and luxury. The result will be a striking balance between the old and new. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the old paint from the wood railings, floors, doors and windows of your house and apply natural dark wood color or stain. Use dark colors for the woodwork. Common varieties of wood for hacienda-style homes include redwood, mahogany and walnut.

2. Paint your walls in light, natural shades, such as off-white, sand and peach. Accent pieces and textiles can be turquoise blue and sun yellow. Texture the walls to resemble stucco. Add wrought iron pieces in the home in order to give emphasis to specific features. For example, if there is a wide doorway in your house, accent it with a heavy wood door with an iron grill over the window.

3. Add heavy furniture for the hacienda style. The dining table should be made of heavy wood and should be in a dark tone, as well as dining chairs. Accessorize low tables with leather chairs and couches. The pieces should be comfortable, and any wood trim should be dark.

4. Use wrought iron wall sconces with tall candles in order to give your room the hacienda look. Hang large, heavy mirrors around the house, preferably those which have Spanish decorations such as elaborate carvings. Artwork should be large in size and colorful.

5. Add oversized plant pots and terracotta jars in deep, rich colors like dark red and brown. Both these colors match very well with the light-colored walls of the house. Plant the pots with tropical plants and flowers. Adorn empty spaces with large succulent plants like aloe.

6. Hang frosted glass chandeliers made of wrought iron. Use dark chains to support them; the light produced should be soft. Place large area rugs under groups of furniture pieces. The area rugs used in the hacienda style are traditional Mexican geometric designs and are usually in brown, red and black colors, and flooring is usually dark wood.

7. Place large classic stone statues, which will serve as focal points of the living room. Statues and other accessories should have a classical Spanish touch to them. Some common Spanish statue themes are turtles, horses, eagles or bulls.

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