Monday, September 10, 2012

Country Bed Room Decoration Ideas

Plaid or checkered bedding is an ideal option in a country styled bedroom.

A comfortable room to retire to at the end of the night is sometimes all you need to help get you through the day. While there are many decorating styles that create a relaxed mood for your bedroom, the old-fashioned charm of a country theme often makes giving your space a warm, cozy feel easy. If you are considering this type of look for your bedroom, there are many ways to incorporate the style without making your bedroom feel like the inside of a barn. Does this Spark an idea?

Mix up Your Color Palette

When selecting colors for your bedroom, begin with paler shades to establish a soft, soothing vibe for the space. Soft colors that work well in a country bedroom include green, blue, yellow and lilac. However, pairing darker, bolder tones with the pale base colors that you have chosen is an effective way to add dimension to your bedroom. Darker colors like wine, navy and chocolate brown can serve as attractive accent shades in country d cor. Use a lighter shade on the walls because pale shades can help make a room feel larger. If you want to use a darker color on your walls, use it on only one to create an accent wall.

Use Distressed Furniture

For an authentic country feel, use distressed furniture in your bedroom. Wood pieces in light or dark stains can work, but white furniture is usually the best option for country d cor. Cream or beige finishes are softer alternatives. Visit antique shops to find pieces that have a worn or chipped appearance. You can also use sandpaper to give new furniture items an older, more distressed appearance. If you do not like the look of wood furniture, wrought iron pieces are another option. In particular, a wrought iron bed frame can add character to a country bedroom.

Add Texture to the Walls and Ceiling

Adding texture to your bedroom's walls and ceiling can help sell the country look. Installing wood paneling to the bottom portion of the walls can give it a country home feel. In particular, beadboard paneling can add an authentic look to a country theme bedroom. You can paint the paneling to match the rest of the wall, or use a contrasting color to add visual interest. Leaving it with a natural wood finish is another option if you prefer a more rustic look. Pressed tin panels can add a fun and surprising texture to the ceiling. They come in a variety of patterns, so you can find a style that matches the rest of the room.

Incorporate Patterns

No country bedroom would be complete without some type of pattern. Floral patterns are a soft, romantic option and can be used for bedding, window treatments or wallpaper. Stripes and checkerboard patterns also fit the theme well and may be a better option if you prefer a more masculine twist on country style. Patchwork patterns also complement country d cor well, so if you have a favorite quilt or patchwork blanket, add it to your bed.

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