Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ideas For Exterior Doors That Can Be Removed

The exterior door to your home is often a visitor's first impression.

Whether you're a homeowner or a renter, the exterior doors to your home are often a visitor's first impression. You don't, however, always want the same details on your exterior door year round. To create a new look for your exterior door without making permanent changes, try adding elements that can be removed later when you want a new look. Does this Spark an idea?


Hardware is one of the easiest items to change on your exterior door and give it a fresh, new look. Update locks and hinges to a look that fits your style; change them later when you decide on a different exterior decor. If you plan to keep the same exterior door and change the hardware again at a later date, choose hinges and hardware that will fit the current holes in the door. Otherwise, you will have to fill all the old holes or replace the door entirely.


Windows on exterior doors can be difficult to change. However, some exterior door windows can be changed fairly easily by removing the trim around the window, especially on older doors. Add a touch of color to your exterior door by replacing a plain glass window with a stained glass window of the same size. If the glass in the exterior window seems too difficult to move, think about adding a glass window decoration instead. There are contact-paper-like window decorations available that look like stained glass. If you are unsure whether your window can be removed without damaging the door, err on the side of caution and leave the glass alone.

Exterior Details

Exterior door details, such as wrought-iron grates, screens and other elements, can often be installed and removed when you leave. Depending on where the detail attaches, you may not even have to fill in screw holes when you remove the added item.

Seasonal Decorations

If removing hardware, windows or exterior details sounds like a bit much for you, make your home seem more inviting by adding seasonal decorations to your exterior doors. Add a wreath, flowers, bells or other seasonal elements to your door with a wreath hanger or a simple nail. If your exterior doors have windows, attach items, such as window clings, inside for a festive look.

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