Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iron Rails & Tools

Iron railings can be used in a variety of different settings.

Iron rails have been used for centuries in and out of houses. Whether you are creating a wrought iron railing for use on a stairway, or a piece to run alongside your fence, you will need certain tools to allow you to work with the metal, for repair work, shaping and installation.

Welding Torches

One of the primary tools used with iron rails is a welding torch. A welding torch is used to weld the metal together, making it appear as a single piece. This is especially useful when repairing any damage done to the railings, over time. For example, if a single crack is formed in the iron rail, you could easily weld it closed and make the rail whole again.


Hacksaws are a useful tool for working with iron rail. Hacksaws are saws that are specifically designed for cutting metal. They are especially useful for cutting iron bars or rails to certain dimensions, as well as for removing damaged sections of iron. For example, if someone breaks through an iron fence by hitting it with a car, you could saw off the damaged areas, then repair the gap, instead of installing a whole new fence.

Metal Cement

If you are not so handy with a welding torch you can use metal cement to help hold iron rails in place. This cement can be applied to iron cracks or joints iron, and as the metal is held in place, the cement will dry around it. Once dry, this cement creates and extremely strong bond that will hold many iron rails together.

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