Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shop For Southwest Decor

Plush comforters in robust colors, hand-crafted rugs illustrating rustic themes and delicate figurines depicting sacred symbols describe characteristics of southwest décor that have made it such a preference among home decorators. Even professional interior designers are drawn to the earthy southwestern style that allows them to add warmth to any room, whether in an upscale high-rise complex or a simple log cabin. You can shop online for southwest décor on sites that will send you free catalogs and even discount coupons. You can even find wholesale shops that offer special prices for bulk purchases. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Start with lamps featuring rawhide shades decorated in traditional southwestern themes: howling wolves, cactus plants, range riders and setting suns. Other good choices for lighting are candle holders made from coiled rope or weathered wood, and electric warmers burning aromatic oils. Visit sites such as http://www.missiondelrey.com/southwest-decor.html for these items.

2. Pick wall art that symbolizes everyday life in Native American tribes or venerates Navajo tribal leaders. Find buffalo headdress plaques, wall clocks made from a bull's skull, mini ceramic pots dangling from ropes and a peace pipe with an eagle's head.

3. Add warmth to your room by choosing long-lasting, pure wool Zapotec rugs and table runners woven by hand in traditional Arizona Navajo designs. The Zapotec Indians also weave southwestern tapestries which add warmth and color to your walls. Sites such as http://www.mysouthwestdecor.com/ have many of these items.

4. Find life-like figurines and sculptures to set atop a fireplace mantle. Standing between 10 and 12 inches tall, these figurines depict scenes from traditional Native American life, such as galloping horses, dancing warriors, tribal chiefs in traditional buffalo headdress and chiefs holding staff and pipe.

5. Choose hand-woven Native American baskets made from yucca or pine needles to place on mantles, shelves, occasional and dining room tables. Shop for Apache burden baskets that hang from the walls. Other popular basket types are Pueblo saucers, shallow Navajo coiled baskets and deep Navajo pattern baskets.

6. Decide on bedspreads, pillows and blankets for bedrooms and family rooms. Look for Navajo bedspreads and blankets in turquoise, brown, black and red colors or in the traditional Hopi pattern. Traditional southwestern pillow covers made from natural resin come in either Sandia, Hopi or cross patterns.

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