Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ideas For Curtain Rod Ends

Decorative finials, or curtain rod ends, can move your curtain rods from mere functional pieces of household hardware to decor that enhances your home. Curtain rods are generally made from either metal or wood, so the attachment method is different depending on which material your ends will enhance, but nearly any object that is lightweight and appropriately sized can become a decorative curtain rod end. Does this Spark an idea?


If your home decor is mostly modern, go with bold geometric shapes for your curtain rod finials. Many sources online and in retail stores offer squares, globes, triangles and spirals in a variety of finishes. Choose brushed metal cubes to complement modern metal and glass furniture and deep paint colors, or choose globes or spirals if your decor is more playful. Geometrics also go with some styles of classic decor. Globes work well with mid-20th century retro decor, while cubes, triangles and rectangles work well with spirals. If you cannot find the shapes you want, you can cut the shapes out of wood yourself and glue them to the ends of wooden rods. For metal shapes, try special-ordering or looking for other items that might be converted into finials, such as decorative salt and pepper shakers, which are often the appropriate size. For sturdy attachments, drill into both the finial and the end of wooden curtain rods, then coat a thin dowel with glue and use it as a post to attach the pieces. For metal rods, drill a wider hole, then insert a longer dowel into the hollow metal rod and insert the other end into the finial. Glue them in place with a two-part epoxy, if necessary.

Lively and Fun

For kids' rooms or bathrooms and kitchens, add a bit of fun to your finials by gluing toys to the ends of your curtain rods or binding them to the rod with decorative wire wraps. Rubber ducks are great for bathrooms and they come in a variety of colors and designs. For kitchens, use pieces from a child's tea set or go more grown-up with real porcelain demitasse cups. Just wrap them a few times with strong coated copper wire, then coat the rod with epoxy and wrap the wire ends around the last inch of the rod end. You may also be able to simply glue the cups on with two-part epoxy. If you're a pet lover, look for small wood figurines of your favorite animal and add these to your curtain rod ends. For a simpler whimsical look, purchase plain wood finials in any shape and paint them a solid color, then drizzle bright colors in random patterns over the dried basecoat.

Simple Fabric

Cut dowel pieces that will fit snugly inside your metal curtain rod ends or into holes drilled inside wooden rod ends, leaving approximately 2 inches sticking out beyond the curtain rod. Wrap the excess wood tightly with scraps of old clothing until you have a tight ball formed around the end. You can hold the scraps in place with rubber bands or simply tuck the ends into the wrapped portions. Cut 6 inch circles from upholstery or curtain fabric that matches your decor and wrap them around your fabric balls. Tie them in place with coordinating ribbons for a soft, romantic look that is simple to update if you change your decor.

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