Friday, September 21, 2012

Hang 8x11 Mirrors On A Wall

Decorative mirrors make rooms appear larger and reflect light.

Large mirrors are useful in checking your clothing each day before leaving for work, at a beauty salon business so the clients can see the finished style or anywhere you want to bounce light and create a larger looking room. But hanging a mirror can leave unsightly holes in the wall if you decide to move it. To lessen the damage, you can hang larger mirrors, such as an 8-by-11 wall mirror in a professional manner by using the correct tools. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Ask someone to assist you in hanging the mirror. Some mirrors are quite heavy and even if your 8 by 11 is not, it is useful to have an assistant to make sure you are hanging the mirror straight.

2. Place the mirror on the wall area where you are thinking of displaying it. Have your assistant hold it in place. Instruct him to move it to the left, right, or up and down to find the most attractive location.

3. Mark the top edge of the mirror and the two sides with a pencil on the wall.

4. Set the mirror face-down on a bed, the floor or a worktable. Measure the distance from the top edge of the mirror down to the wire that will hold it into position on the wall. At this time, measure the width of the two side marks.

5. Use the tape measure to mark the length you measured down from the top edge of the pencil mark on the wall. Make a pencil mark for the length.

6. Divide the width of the two side marks in half and mark the spot on the wall. If the mirror is heavy, you may want to space two or three of the triple nail hangers on the wall. Place them about a foot away from each other.

7. Position the included nails into the angled holes at the top of the hanger.

8. Use a hammer to tap them into place. Hang the mirror carefully onto the triple nail picture hanger. Check to make sure it is straight on the wall and adjust the mirror if necessary.

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