Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About Home Security Doors

Home security is a growing industry. Many people are investing in security for their families and looking for inexpensive ways of doing it. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to go all out when it comes to home security, investing in a home security door is a wise choice. Some experts believe that when an intruder sees security doors, it not only deters him physically ,but psychologically it makes the intruder feel that the home is too dangerous for him to enter. Does this Spark an idea?


The ultimate function of a home security door is to give the impression that your home is secured and that burglars should go somewhere else. A home security door protects you from possible predators and allows you to screen who is at your door before you decide to open it. The nice thing about most home security doors is that they are stylish. While adding value and appeal to your home, the door is durable and fortified to help keep your family safe.


There are two basic types of home security doors. The first type resembles that of an ordinary door with a wood finish or fiberglass. The second type of home security door is that of open steel work, usually resembling wrought iron with a steel metal or a tempered glass backing panel. The steel door is available in many styles, but colors are usually in black or white. The nice thing about steel home security doors is that they come in so many different styles with intricate designs that they can be a decoration for your home.


When deciding on what type of home security door you want to invest in, make sure you consider all aspects of the door. If you are purchasing a steel door, it's better to purchase ones with a strike box rather then just a strike plate because they are more secure and more difficult to penetrate. You can have 10 home security doors, but if the locks aren't secure, the door will do you no good. Make sure there is a deadbolt on the door in case a burglar picks the lock. The deadbolt should be a minimum of 1 inch or longer. This will ensure safety even if kicking or prying is used by the burglar. Some home security doors can face up to 4,000 lbs of pressure and have state-of-the-art deadbolts that cannot be penetrated regardless of the tools or force the burglar tries to use.


The basic size of a home security door is the standard size of your front or back door. If you happen to have French doors or sliding glass doors, there are just as many steel or wood home security door options for you to choose from. You can purchase sliding steel security doors with metal or tempered glass backing, too. Have a professional measure your doorway before ordering a security door to ensure it's an exact fit.


The benefits of having home security doors are quite obvious. They protect you and your family from burglars and any other type of unwanted guests. Other than the safety features, a home security door is a way to save money on your home insurance policy. Also, security doors often increase the value of your home.

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